Poker is played by using pairs of cards. Each pair consists of two cards of the same rank. There can be an odd card to make a five-card hand. When comparing two pairs, the higher pair wins. For example, a hand with J-J-2-2-4 beats a hand with 10-10-9-9-8 because jacks beat tens. If a pair is equal in rank, lower pairs are compared instead.

Hand rankings

Using hand rankings when playing poker is a crucial skill to develop. Knowing how your hands rank can help you calculate your odds and make better betting decisions. Higher hands usually have better odds than weak ones. However, sometimes even the best hands can be beat by a pair of kings. By using hand rankings, you can improve your game and maximize your profits.

The lowest ranking poker hand is a pair of twos. High-ranking hands include two-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, and a pair with a kicker. Three-of-a-kind hands are the best. Two-of-a-kind hands are less desirable in certain situations.

Betting intervals

Poker betting intervals are periods of time during which players can raise or decrease their bets. The intervals vary from game to game, but usually range from two seconds to seven minutes. Knowing the rules for these intervals can help you maximize your winnings. In general, players should raise their bets in proportion to the last player’s bet.

In both cash and tournament games, defending blinds is a key aspect of winning. Betting intervals must be adjusted accordingly when a player finds himself in a bad position. In cash games, betting intervals can range from two to five chips.

Straight flush

A Straight flush is a poker hand that has five cards of the same suit. If you’re playing in a $2/$4 No Limit Hold’em cash game, you’ll likely come across this hand when you see five consecutive cards of the same suit. You can also get this hand in a Wheel game.

In poker, a straight flush is the best possible hand, and is considered the best hand to get. A straight flush is composed of five cards of the same suit, preferably in numerical order. It’s a superior hand to four-of-a-kind, but it’s not as good as a royal flush.

Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind is one of the best hands in poker. It is almost impossible to beat a quad, and its odds are nearly four to one. Besides, quads are almost unbeatable at the river. There are a few things you should keep in mind before making a quad play.

The first thing you should keep in mind when you play this hand is the importance of knowing the ranking of other players’ hands. Four of a Kind beats a lower-ranking hand like a royal flush. However, it does not beat a straight flush, which is the most valuable hand. If two players have four of a kind, then the higher-ranking hand wins the pot.


Gutshot was an internet café, bar, and poker club that was located on Clerkenwell Road, London. It opened in March 2004 and closed in 2007. The club was founded by Barry Martin and Derek Kelly. Their mission was to provide a fun, social environment for poker players. They were the first to bring poker to the internet.

While the gutshot is considered a very strong hand in poker, you should play it carefully and avoid being aggressive. A gutshot can make a straight by the river, but it’s rarely good enough to call a big bet. Playing carefully can make the difference between winning and losing a game.